Yardley English Rose - Body Spray - 150ml

Yardley English Rose - Body Spray - 150ml

Perfumed Body Spray

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An invigorating scent courtesy the queen of the flowers, Yardley English Rose Body Spray is a light, refreshing scent that keeps you feeling cool and fragrant through the day. A tinge of raspberry and a base of sandalwood give this spray a distinctive, unforgettable quality.

Contemporary range of fragrances crafted from a bouquet of flowers. Experience the scent of fresh flowers from the English countryside in every spray

Yardley creates this deodorant fundamentally for the contemporary women who believe in subtlety

Be assured that the smell of this deodorant will uplift your mood and aid you in carrying out your daily activities with vigor as it is long lasting

Energizing and rejuvenating, English Rose Deodorant Spray keeps body odor at bay and gives you a refreshing feel all day long

In every whiff of Yardley London women’s range, you can hear whispers of the lush English gardens. The house of Yardley specializes in classic, single note scents, and trend-led floral bouquets to give you a scent of the English luxury.

Quantity  : 150 ml
Fragrance : Deodorant Spray
Idea For  : Women

Brand                          : Yardley London
Model Name               : English Rose
Ideal For                     : Women
Fragrance Classification : Deodorant Spray
Quantity                     : 150 ml
Maximum Shelf Life  : 24 Months
Fragrance Family      : Floral, Woody
Other Traits                : Long Lasting Protection

The dance of the pearly dew drops within the heart of the velvety roads of the gentle whorls of the rose is indeed a sight to behold.
As she takes in the beauty of the whirl, the enamoring notes of Yardley English Rose Deo Spray overtakes her senses as it carries her onward into the whorls themselves.

  • The mass premium submerges her in a wave of fragrance that threatens to take her down into a world of dreamy comfort.

  • The overpowering yet gentle accords of rose submerge the deodorant spray in their soothing glow. 

  • For the woman who is a delicate beauty, the personification of quiet elegance, Yardley English Rose Deo Spray keeps her fresh and fragrant throughout the day.

  • The fragrance of the roses that lingers beyond the reach of time is suffused in the glory of luminescent florals. 

  • The bright opening notes bloom with the accords of rose absolut, neroli and chamomile. 

  • While the heart wades in the accords of delicate rosebud and jasmine petals. 

  • The resinous amber and sandalwood accords in the dry down leave you with unforgettable wafting fragrance that is soothing yet enlivening. 

  • The fragrance comes in a typical Yardley flacon with pink accents that accentuate the rosy femininity.

  • Let your senses be engulfed by the essence of the purest of roses with Yardley English Rose Deo Spray.

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