Yardley English Rose Luxury Gift Pack

Yardley English Rose Luxury Gift Pack

Luxury Gift Pack

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Deo - 150 ml
Talc - 100 gm
Soap - 100 gm

Pamper your senses with yardley London
Experience pure indulgence with the soothing essence of freshly plucked flowers from English gardens
Cosmetics inside are not meant for sale individually

Deodorant Specifications
Brand                  : Yardley London
Fragrance Type : Deodorant
Ideal For             : Women
Occasion            : All Occasions
Quantity              : 150 ml
No. of Packs        : 1
Quantity              : 1 Deodorant Bottle

Long-lasting fragrance
Makes you feel fresh & rejuvenated all day long
Great for all occasions
Package Contents

Soap Specifications
Brand                   : Yardley London
Type                      : Soap
For                         : Women
Purpose                : Moisturises Skin
Formation            : Bar
Skin Type              : All Skin Types
Application Area : Body
Key Ingredients   :English Rose
Quantity               : 100 g, (1 Bar of Soap)

Triple-milled luxury soap gives a rich, creamy lather and is delicately scented
Melts away stress with rich, soothing lather
Package Contents

Talc Specifications
Brand                     :Yardley London
Type                        :Talc
For                          :Women
Purpose                 :Moisturises Skin
Skin Type                :All Skin Types
Application Area   : Face & Body
Key Ingredients     : English Rose
Quantity                 :300 g (1 Tin of Talcum Powder)
Gentle fragrance
Makes skin soft & smooth
Package Contents

Suitable for all occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, achievements, Mothers' Day, Women's Day, etc
Pack includes: English Rose Deo,English Rose Soap,English Rose Talc
none of these products will irritate your skin.

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