Yardley Morning Dew Perfumed Cologne 100ml

Yardley Morning Dew Perfumed Cologne 100ml

Daily Wear Perfume

  • Presenting Perfumed Cologne Spray from Yardley

  • Morning Dew – a Perfumed Cologne Spray from the house of Yardley – is crafted to celebrate the individuality of the woman of today. 

  • The fragrance is made of layers of rich notes, unfolding to reveal a sublime and delicate experience, with the perfect blend of strength and softness.

  • Morning Dew has been crafted with choice ingredients to give a burst of freshness through its top notes of Mandarin and Freesia, heart note of Rose, and base notes of Musk and Sandalwood.

  • What you need every morning is a burst of freshness to shake you out of your slumber. 

  • Trust Yardley’s Morning Dew Perfumed Body Spray to do exactly that.

  • With top notes of energetic lilies and base elements of patchouli and musk, this Perfumed Body Spray will stay with you long after the morning is over.

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