Yardley Gold - After Shave Lotion - 100ml

Yardley Gold - After Shave Lotion - 100ml

After Shave Lotion

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Cool your skin with the alluring scent of the Gold After Shave Lotion by Yardley. A classic fragrance with properties to care for your skin, this After Shave Lotion keeps you cool and fragrant

Model Name         : Gold Aftershave Lotion
Container Type    : Bottle
Quantity               : 100ml
Ideal For               : Men
Additional Traits  : Protects from UV Rays, Heals Cuts and Rashes
Generic Name      : Aftershave Lotions

Experience a soothing and refreshing morning, every day
Feel your skin come alive with the moisturizing
After shave lotion that smells great too

Bringing English Luxury to India with refreshingly fragrant shaving products

Long Lasting
For external Use only. Harmful if taken internally

To be clean shaven is important for you but shaving can sometimes cause discomfort by leaving behind rashes and a rough feeling. Soothe those rashes and calm your skin with this Yardley Gold Aftershave Lotion.

After the sharp razors glide through your skin, your are bound to experience some irritation but thanks to this aftershave lotion from Yardley with which your can relieve your skin of the redness and the burning sensation.

The soothing lotion heals the cuts and rashes left behind after shaving to make your skin feel great. Enriched with aloe vera, this aftershave lotion moisturizes and soothes your skin.

You will get a clean shaven look without the blotches and rashes.. 

Directions for Use:
Take the required amount of the aftershave lotion and dab it on the face after shaving.
Use the aftershave lotion everyday after shaving to keep the skin looking good.

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