Yardley Morning Dew Body spray - 150ml

Yardley Morning Dew Body spray - 150ml

Perfumed Body Spray

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What you need every morning is a burst of freshness to shake you out of your slumber. Trust Yardley’s Morning Dew Body Spray to do exactly that. With top notes of energetic lilies and base elements of patchouli and musk, this body spray will stay with you long after the morning is over.

Model Name                      : Morning Dew Refreshing
Ideal for                             : Women
Fragrance Classification : Body Spray
Anti Perspirant                 : Yes
Quantity                            : 150ml
Fragrance Family             : Floral
Ideal Usage                       : All Day
Limited Edition                 : Yes
Generic Name                   : Deodorants 

Contemporary range of fragrances crafted from a bouquet of flowers. Experience the scent of fresh flowers from the English countryside in every spray

Yardley creates this deodorant fundamentally for the contemporary women who believe in subtlety

Be assured that the smell of this deodorant will uplift your mood and aid you in carrying out your daily activities with vigor as it is long lasting

Energizing and rejuvenating, Morning Dew Deodorant Spray keeps body odor at bay and gives you a refreshing feel

Fresh and impeccably sensual, this deodorant is simply irresistible.

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